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About Us

About Our Company

Atlegang Business Consulting is an Accounting, Advisory and Independent Review from formed in 2013. The company is derived from the partner’s passion for their professions. They bring to the company a combination of education, experience and skills that they share and which should assure that they are highly successful in their positions.

 Atlegang Business Consulting is a 100% black owned business that was established as a voluntary, autonomous and politically independent business for the sole purpose of assisting entrepreneurs and business managers in growing their businesses. 

They will achieve this by confidently knowing that their Accounting, Audit and Advisory are being taken care of by a professional, effective and accessible company. Atlegang Business Consulting has adequate resources for the services that it provides to its target market, as we strive to develop a healthy working environment between ourselves and our clients.


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If  you seeking Accounting, Independent Review,  Taxation Services & BBEE Consultation. Feel free to book an appointment with us!

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