Skills Development

Short courses are the fastest and most efficient way to gain skills in a practical working environment and can benefit both the employee and the business. Skills development training is proven to increase job satisfaction, morale, communication and productivity in the workplace. Employees are more engaged and excited to be at work. On the opposite end of the spectrum, employees who feel undervalued and uninvested in, tend to underperform and make more mistakes, which ultimately costs the business time and money.

We provide personalised skills development training programmes based on the needs of the organisation. Addressing the skills gaps within the organisation will result in happier employees, maximum client retention, higher ROI and minimal inefficiencies. Managers can benefit from skills development training too – by being introduced to new concepts, methods and tools, managers will be able to develop their teams outside of their own frame of reference.

We can:

  • Analyse, identification and selection of employees suitable for Skills Development.
  • Drafting of agreements and/or contracts with selected employees.
  • Develop and conduct suitable Skills Development Training courses.

Too often, employers fear that after upskilling their employees, that they will leave the company. The Skills Development Act urges businesses to contribute to both society and the economy by investing in their human capital. New skills and knowledge ensures effective business function and solidifies employee loyalty. Upskilling your staff ensures that you stay ahead of your competitors by obtaining better performance and results out of your staff. Want to learn more? Contact us today!