Enterprise and Supplier Development

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) refers to the economic development strategy aimed at developing entrepreneurs and generating more jobs by building and supporting Small, Medium and Micro-Sized Enterprises (SMME’s) through supplier diversity, supplier development, enterprise development and preferential procurement. Under the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy (B-BBEE), businesses, agencies and governmental departments are encouraged to purchase goods and services from previously disadvantaged individuals and businesses in order to promote economic transformation. Sourcing products and services from underused suppliers and SMME’s not only includes them into the competitive marketplace, it also reduces business costs, resolves quality issues and improves the B-BBEE rating of both the supplier and your business. /p>

We can provide ESD beneficiaries with business administration training, enabling them with the core competencies needed for their development. Competencies include customer service, self-development, business policies, business procedures and data handling. We can also assist with the discerning of suitable beneficiaries and drafting contracts.

Our full Enterprise and Supplier Development service offering includes: 

  • Mentorship and advisory for ESD beneficiaries.
  • Drafting of agreements and/or contracts with appointed parties.
  • Leadership and Business Administration training for ESD beneficiaries.
  • Analyse, identify and appoint ESD beneficiaries. 

Approaches to ESD vary with every business as the plan is contingent on the business’s needs and should be closely monitored and evaluated. We work closely with our clients to develop a personalised and realistic plan, based on their objectives. Actively taking part in promoting economic transformation within the marketplace has many benefits for both business and beneficiary. Interested in finding out more about ESD? Contact us today!